Kettlebell exercises and their performance

kettlebell exercises
Always with the same, repetitive routines in the gym you can really achieve a remarkable level of fitness or physical condition. However the overall good look and at the same time  preserved mobility and functionality of muscle, really need to think a little wider.

Kettlebell exercises far to my knowledge there is no better name for this type of training,  and all fitness freaks and coaches who use this gadget is also called kettlebell exercises. Basically it is a sphere with center mounted handle which showed excellent results even before, few centuries for sure.  In fact, this "cannonball with a handle," as it is called, is used for ballistic exercises in which momentum is not only permissible it's necessary. Swinging with arm while holding  the kettlebell is safe,  because the center of gravity is behind your hands, unlike ordinary free weight   which is not recommended for any swinging.

Kettlebell exercises improves the strength and durability and activates some muscles that are not activated in conventional weight exercises. Just swinging requested the activation of the antagonist to control the movement and the whole body must be kept in a solid position, in order to avoid pendulum,  which requires activation and thereby strengthen the deep muscles of the back, leg muscles and abs.  In this way the whole body works and movements are very simple.  Kettlebell can be found in several sizes,and can be very well designed. We mentioned that this kind of training was exercising in past,  much earlier for training of Russian soldiers

Kettlebell exercises can done with bags or sacks (and they can be bough) filled with sand.  One of the variants are Russian bags that can be used in a great variety of forms jumps, ejections, striking, and the like. Sometimes these "bags" even better option because the content (water or sand) adapt practitioners or his back, for example.

Another, more precisely, the third option are different medicine ball. We probably saw last in gym class in 8th grade, but these heavy balls have their comeback. Now they made the corresponding handles so for example crunches or squats much easier, or at least easier to perform.

Before beginning an kettlebell workout one note - Exercise swings are not recommended for people with shoulder injuries, as well as those who have weak core muscles (abs and back before all).

How kettlebell and other similar gadgets can be found in a variety of weights and sizes start from a minimum of (1,8kg, even if you are an experienced practitioner) and slowly lift the weight (79kg has the hardest). This is a new way of practice and activates the dormant muscles and therefore it is very important that someone experienced show the way of performing the exercises to the best possible benefits of a workout. See also rotator cuff exercises.

kettlebell workout


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