Marfan Syndrome symptoms and solutions

Marfan syndrome

What is Marfan syndrome?

Named after the French pediatrician Antoine Marfan who in 1896 discovered that the syndrome is a genetic disorder of the connective tissue located elsewhere in the body. In the connective tissue look like the "glue" that brings together all the organs, blood vessels, bones, joints and muscles.

In patients with Marfan syndrome, the "glue" is weaker than usual. This causes many changes in the body, especially the heart, visual and bone.

People with this syndrome tend to have similar characteristics. They are very tall, thin with very long limbs and fingers and toes. Spinal deformities (scoliosis) and chest. They can also be short-sighted or have other vision problems. But what can happen with the heart is something seriously when you have this syndrome.

Over time, the weak connective tissue causes the aorta, the large artery that carries away the blood from the heart to other organs, stretch and expand. If left untreated, the aorta can suddenly burst with blood effusion. This condition, dissection, it is very dangerous and can lead to death.

The good news is that, despite the fact that the syndrome is incurable, doctors successfully treat many symptoms. Thanks to the new reshearches and treatments, people diagnosed with Marfan syndrome at an early stage can live long and happily.

How is it generated?

One person in 5 000 is affected by this syndrome and it makes it very rare. It is a genetic disorder caused by mutations in genes before birth.

Gene inherit from their parents and they are what defines us. Represent a blueprint by which to determine do you have blue or brown eyes or if you look like your mom or dad. Sometimes, through genes are transferred and not so pleasant things, such as diseases and disorders.

In most cases, the gene that is responsible for Marfan syndrome is part of a family history of the disease. Is transmitted from parents to children.

This syndrome in different ways affects people. Some have weak symptoms while others are quite serious. It happens that in the same family, one member has weak, and other severe symptoms. Doctors do not know why this is so.

It is important to remember that children with Marfan syndrome have not done anything wrong to get the disease and the disease is not contagious.

What can do a child with Marfan syndrome?

It can do a lot of things in order to have a healthy life. The most important thing is that it does not burden the heart. This means to avoid sports that require a lot of running, stretching the muscles or the ability to pass or something else strikes the chest - basketball, football, gymnastics, weightlifting and running in the bar.

Sure it's a bummer, but it does not mean that a child needs only to sit in a chair or lying down. It can still play with other children and practice -  just need to be more careful

What is life like for children with Marfan syndrome?.

This disorder can manifest itself in different ways in children and therefore life is not the same for everyone. Some children have symptoms that require treatment while in other children's symptoms are mild, and they just go to control once a year.

Although the syndrome is not determined by how much the child is smart, it is possible that, ask for help due to vision problems. Some children will have to skip some gymnastics classes, but in addition, the same as all the other children - only little taller.

If you have Marfan syndrome, you know that it is sometimes difficult to cope with the environment and issues of height. Do not get excited, because everyone has something that makes it unique. See also Prader Willi syndrome 

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