Dukan Diet Weight Loss Diet Plan

Today, hardly anyone hasn't heard of Dukan diet. She became globally popular lightning speed! In all parts of the world enthusiastically swear by its success and the number of fans just are rapidly expanding. Is it a cause, consequence, or indeed both - but it really is a bit of a diet in the world got so much media space as the Dukan diet. About her frequently writes in magazines, professional literature, the Internet, and books are issued to establish an active fan club. Except that name also appears under the name Paris France diets and diet.

In 1975, its creator - French nutritionist and pharmacist Dr. Pierre Dukan, the first time he met with solving the case of obesity and it completely by accident. A friend asked him to him to recommend a specific diet except that is definitely from the menu wanted to throw out the meat. Dr. Dukan advised him to fill in only proteins and plain water, since it is then believed that such cases best treated with small portions poor with calories. Both were left in shock when a friend for only five days lost even 4.5 pounds and over the next five days three more pounds.

Dukan dietSince then, Dr. Dukan dedicated to the elaboration of such a dietary plan. He devised a new approach separated into four phases and their research published in the book Je ne sais pas maigrir ("I do not know how to lose weight ') in 2000, since when actually starts and rapidly growing success of the diet in the whole world.

His book is still the best-selling book in France and in the world are sold annually more than 10 million copies. The book has been translated into 14 languages and even published in 32 countries.

With Dukan diet are successfully removed extra pounds many world celebrities like Kate Middleton (before the wedding of Britain's Prince William), as well as her mother Carol Middleton (in the 56th year, so the diet is not restricted to any age group) and sister Pippa, top model and model Gisele Bundchen, singer and actress Jennifer Lopez, a former top model and now singer, actress and wife of the current French President - Carla Bruni, as well as many others.

As noted above, the diet is based on a high protein intake of food (a total of about 100 allowed foods, 72 animal and 28 plant) - especially meat, fish and milk with a bit of milk fat, and carbohydrates are strictly limited (including fruits, starchy foods, legumes and whole grains). The foundation of a diet are proteins, and fats are strictly prohibited (for example, while in Atkins ios desirable). Dukan diet is actually proposing that the food that we ate during the "primitive" era, when we are alone chase after animals and gathered plants.

Proteins, whose entry advocates this diet, is a lot harder and longer to digest, so it lasts longer and the feeling of satiety. So, if you follow strictly the diet plan, you will not even be able to overeat at some stage because you will have a feeling of satiety given meals.
Dukan diet is separated into four main phases: the first phase of the attack, the second phase changes, the third phase of consolidation and fourth phase of stabilization..


This phase lasts up to 10 days, or even less - depending on the number of pounds you want to lose. For example, in the first 5 days, you can lose about 4 pounds, it really sounds tempting! At this stage it is important to eat only proteins, without any additives carbohydrate origin or from the segment of fat. As far as drinks can be used only plain water and coffee and tea with no sugar added. Often at this stage occurs bad breath, dry mouth and intense smell of urine, for all it advises that higher intake of plain water.
Usually quickly succeed in  lose pounds  at this stage which significantly increases our motivation for further holding child.

Dukan diet 2. Stage - PHASE CHANGES

In this phase is introduced vegetables to the diet , which are combined with the previous proteins. Vegetables that suggests is that which does not contain starch, such as cucumbers, onions, lettuce, chard, celery, spinach, kale, tomatoes, etc. It is best to eat raw vegetables, as such, contains the most vitamins, but it can prepare and cooked as well as soup, the soup. Person on a diet holds this stage until it reaches the desired weight. They should lose about one pound a week.


The third phase is actually the maintenance phase and there is still primarily combine protein foods and vegetables. Apart from them, you can now treat some other foods that were previously strictly prohibited, such as: fruits (in the form of a one specific portion of a day, and to continue to avoid bananas, grapes and dried fruits, because of the high percentage of sugar in them) , integral bread (maximum 2 slices per day), hard cheese and one serving of carbohydrates per week. If you are in the third phase of several weeks (eg three weeks), you can import twice weekly meal that you want.


And finally - the last stage of diet in which gradually introduce a variety of foods, but do not go too contrary to the basic setting of Dukan diet. Once a week you still should keep only meal of protein composition (as in the first phase), and it is usually Thursday to lovers of this diet. According to Dukane this phase should last a lifetime, in order to maintain your ideal weight.

Foods that are generally recommended in this diet are: lean meat (white chicken or turkey meat, veal, beef, rabbit, lamb, pork brittle), lean ham, fish and seafood, dairy products with very little fat (yogurt, milk, cheese), tofu, eggs (especially egg white), seitan, vegetables (cucumbers, onions, lettuce, chard, spinach, collard greens, tomatoes), natural spices (parsley, celery, garlic, etc.), mustard, ketchup without sugar, salt, vinegar and oil in limited quantities, artificial sweetener, sugar free chewing gums. From drinks can be used ordinary and mineral water, coffee and tea with no sugar added and a very small extent carbonated beverages without sugar (Coke Zero, Diet Pepsi, etc.).
Prepare foods without fat, grilled, baked, boiled, steamed, etc. For meat and poultry, avoid skin because it contains a lot of fat.

Dukan diet
Fish can be cooked, baked or smoked, but not canned in oil (regardless of type).

As for the eggs, you can eat them whole 3-4 or more than that if you eat only egg whites.

In addition to compliance with a given diet plan, in Dukan diet is extremely important, and physical activity. It must not be ignored. If you are not a fan of exercise, you can get down and to brisk walking and he practiced for about 20 minutes per day during the first phase and a half-hour during the second phase. You may feel fatigue first three days of the diet because the body has to adjust to the new regime and the three days can slow down the exercise, but take care not to relax for later!

In this diet is not advised starvation - eat when you feel hungry. What is important is to eat foods which is in diet program (and depending on what stage of the diet). The motto of this diet is - "Eat all you want"

Since the diet successfully and quickly shows results, it is recommended that frequent weighing (eg every day) to grow further motivation for keeping the diet.

There are other diet similar to Dukan, such as the Atkins diet, meat-based diet, weight-watchers diet, cabbage diet ketogenic diet and the like.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Diet is extremely successful in removing extra pounds if you follow a given diet plan and incorporate exercise (brisk walking for at least 20-30 minutes) in everyday life. There are many fans around the world and it is hard to find a diet that is so thankful in the world as Dukan diet.

Diet also shows a rapid initial results and increase the motivation for its further implementation. It is good that does not require counting calories during the diet as some diet can be a tedious and time reduces our motivation. It is also suitable for vegetarians.

During a diet ist's very clear what you can and what can not eat so it's easy to follow.

Besides, it is quite strict and requires adjustment in such a diet.

On the nutritional side, with the Dukan diet was abolished extremely desirable food groups - fruits, grains, in the first phase, vegetables, nuts, legumes, etc. During the diet we may feel tired and listless due to lack of carbohydrates, fruits and etc. You could lose motivation because of reduced food choices and consistent diet.

People on a diet could feel the unpleasant consequences such as constipation, bad breath, headaches - which is actually often with all high protein diet. Due to the lack of nutrients, could be stimulated kidney problems.
Not recommended for people with health problems, especially those who have heart problems, kidney, high cholesterol, gout and so on. Also it should not keep diabetics, pregnant and lactating women.

Is this diet for you?

Diet has proven successful losing weight and realization results in the short term. Her holding is understood that do not belong to the above-mentioned "high-risk" groups. We recommend that you consult your doctor before dieting.


All foods from Dukan diet can be easily purchased in stores and food supermarkets. Some foods from the displayed menu are expensive, so you can easily replace those of similar composition, which are less expensive to you.


We will present you a sample menu from the first phase of a diet (in the first phase eat only foods protein composition).
Of course that you can modify some meals other protein foods, but to hold the basic settings Dukan diet.

As for the second phase, the diet is easier because it introduces some other foods, as discussed in the section where elaborate stages.

Menu monday to friday


coffee or tea without sugar,
slice goat cheese with a little
fat, 2 small
chicken breasts with
Coffee or tea without sugar, omelet,
several slices
ham with very little
coffee or tea without sugar,
cottage cheese with low-fat,
several slices turkey
ham with very little fat
Coffee or tea
scrambled eggs with
Coffee or tea without
sugar, yogurt with
low fat and
oat flakes

Snack 1

yogurt with low-fat

yogurt with low-fat

muesli with a little low-fat

yogurt with a little
goat cheese with a little
fat and 1 slice
turkey ham


steak lean veal

trout with spices

chicken grilled
chicken soup and
cooked chicken
fish prepared in
steamed with spices

Snack 2
1 pancake sugar,
  of oat flakes,
served with cinnamon

fresh cheese
with low-fat

chicken broth

muffin oat
flakes without
added sugar

Surimi sticks


1 piece of fish or
chicken grilled

oat flakes

boiled egg

fish soup

steak with pepper

Menu for saturday and sunday

coffee or tea without sugar, omelet
coffee or tea without sugar, soft-boiled egg
Snack 1
cottage cheese with low fat
1 pancake of cereal with no added sugar
chicken breast grilled
smoked salmon
Snack 2
cookies with oatmeal
something of the past snacks of choice
beef dumplings
baked chicken without skin

Healthy tips

* With this diet be sure to drink vitamin - mineral supplements to compensate the body's need for them.

* Be sure to drink considerable amounts of plain water while holding thediet (at least two liters a day). During each meal, take two glasses of water.

* It is advisable to at least once a week to eat two tablespoons of oat flakes (from the first stage of a diet onwards through life).


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