HCG Diet Fact or Fiction

HCG Diet
Revitalization program for weight loss, which was contested regularly in professional journals, frequent articles in popular magazines of support and tabloids, appears in the last few years. This controversial diet called the HCG diet, because it is based on short-term daily administration of placental hormone, human chorionic gonadotropin. A certain number of websites has active forums full of stories of successful and billboards along main roads and highways advertise HCG clinics and promise rapid weight loss.

HCG diet is based on a protocol developed by Dr. ATSimeons, British physicist who spent many years abroad studying Tropical Medicine, before he opened a laboratory in India. While treated the various patients, many of whom are suffering from obesity, made a number of observations that concerned the beginning of pregnancy with commutation of certain conditions. Later he experimented with the use of HCG on younger men who have had extremely feminist body parts. He started theoretise the role of HCG -a that he can play in re-establishing the health of balance in the human metabolism. How does this theory emerged in the 1950s and 1960s, science was then primitive compared to what is deemed necessary for the establishment of clinical protocols today.

Dr. Simeon's first publication on the HTC appeared in the journal Lancet, distinguished professional publicationswere kept with the utmost respect. He worked at the clinic Salvator Mundi International Clinic in Rome, Italy (so some say diet called "Roman ice"). HCG diet has earned the attention of the public and his colleagues. How is the glory of the HCG diet grew, Dr. Simeons was accepted to a doctor visit in his laboratory. However, as the demands of the public and the profession for the instructions in the HCG protocol went far beyond his ability to control that, made a manuscript titled Pounds & Inches: A New Approach to Obesity, which is widely accepted by the public and generously and carefully considered by its professional colleagues.

Small studies have to some extent been able to repeat Dr.Simeonsove results; other studies showed no effects. However, as is done in larger tests appeared more irregular results. Studies have shown that the additional use of HCG diet did not lead to any advantage in total weight loss among the candidates in controlled tests.

Also, the level of the average weight loss for candidates treated with HCG diet was much lower even several different studies.

Dr. Simeons has caused several of the aforementioned studies, noting discrepancies in protocols studies of its clinical protocols. Examples included failures in controlling calorie intake; failure to expel those on diuretics, thyroid hormones or other drugs that are disturbed; allowed greater caloric intake; different HCG dosage or administration; and so on. Obviously, in such a defense, published as a letter to the editor, he noted: "What many researchers have overlooked is that human chorionic gonadotrophin, as such, in general there is no ability to reduce body weight, nor is it taken into account and was claimed. Right, some patients who have had a desire to stay on the diet with 500 calories in 40 days without human chorionic gonadotrophin, are often more emaciated than those who receive it; But they looked exhausted and haggard and returned to their weight quickly after stopping a diet, because they have exhausted the normal fat reserves. The function of human chorionic period of time, safely, comfortably and exclusively dedicated to abnormal fatty deposits ".

Over time, a sufficient number of studies have been published which allowed "better picture" and views of it, which would be a potential role hgc might have in Weight Loss, body composition and appetite. Despite the individual reports of success, subjective differences in the appearance, vitality and satisfaction-several studies, reviews and meta-analysis (looking at several studies total) again concluded that HCG did not offer any advantages over the same calorie restriction. This opinion is not limited to the current conservative and anti complementary environment in the United States. Similar conclusions have also appeared in this country in 1977, but in the Netherlands (1995), Germany (1987) and Canada (1983).

The recent revitalization of assisted weight loss HCG is a strict surprising. Not to belittle those experts who sincerely believe, based on the clinical understanding of the psychology of HCG and weight loss, reinforced by carefully controlled by monitoring patients-this is a marketing revitalization. It seems that the concept gained public attention by means of a man who was formally convicted three times by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) for embezzlement in marketing claims Kevin Trudeau. This may sound slightly, but the claims and penalties were significant. 1987 FTC ordered $ 500,000 fines and demanded an additional $ 500,000 bond for claims and promotions that concerned several products (Eden's Secret Nature with Purifynig Product; Doctor Callahan Addiction Breking System; Mega Memory System; Sable Hair Farming System; and other systems for reading). in the year of 2004 fine of $ 2 million for claims that concerned coral calcium (which cures cancer among other things) and product Biotape (for pain). Mr. Trudeau was prohibited from engaging in advertising and other media, with the exception of information books that do not represent the wrong content.

Unfortunately, it seems that in the eyes of the FTC, this model was continued in 2007, Mr. Trudeau was punished by a fine of $ 37 million for misrepresenting that affected his book The Weight Loss Cure "They" Do not Want You to Know About. This book describes his version hgc diet, which is different from those of Dr. Simeons by several aspects. However, the association is not well maintained this concept.

HCG is a hormone for which you need a recipe and it's entered by injection, usually in order to facilitate the drive to fertility or pregnancy held. Some people injected into the subcutaneous fat, but Dr. Simeonsov protocol foresees intramuscular injections. The use of HCG  should be explanations by physiatrist without specialized know or skills with HCG , clinics chiropractors and commercial centers for weight loss; Online sources for just the administration page are not common.

Even worse, from the standpoint of clinical science, it is insinuated presence of homeopathic preparations and alternative methods HGC, such as oral drops, sprays or tablets. There are many practitioners, supporters of and believers in homeopathy. But, homeopathic medicines have failed to produce some great results in controlled studies.
HCG Diet

The famous "homeopathic challenge", was presented by the self-proclaimed skeptic James Randi, who has offered a million dollars to the first person that provides conclusive evidence that homeopathy is effective. There was no response from the practitioner or the advocates of homeopathy. Instead, the British TV show "Horizons" broadcast its investigation-including the copy-controlled studies that first oversaw casopia Nature and Jacques Benveniste, MD-who perfected the concept of "water has memory". Neither study from 1988, this one from 2002 did not show any effects of homeopathic preparations. Despite the reluctance of readers that they read something about this, they are interested they can do this in a fairly comprehensive review of this matter on Wikipedia.

Some clinics use oral or sublingual route to enter HCG, as a substitute for more expensive and less tolerant injections. The loudest practitioners claim to follow training Dr.Trudy Vogt from the clinic Bellevue Clinic (Zurich, Switzerland). Dr. Vogt has kept the clinic as a plastic surgeon, injecting the plan HCG Diet Dr. Simeons in his preoperative practice, before lipoplastic. She has published numerous articles describing its combined use of HCGfor weight loss -a with lipectomy or liposuction. Her observations on over 6000 patients have confirmed its efficiency -a HCG for weight loss, before or during the surgical treatment of obesity.

Dr. Vogt has trained numerous doctors, some of whom have learned its HCG protocol. Among them was Dr. Belluscio, who is lead author of the article entitled "Utilty of an Oral Presentation of HCG for the Management of Obesity: A double-blinded Study," which was published in The Original Internist. This publication can't be found in searches National Center for Biotechnology Information, which includes PubMed. This study is used to support the use of oral HCG (not homeopathic but pharmacological HCG). However, the question is whether they were present clinically significant findings and is it oral administration  generally effective. Only a few references on the Internet showed a statistically greater reduction in thickness; the total loss of body weight and body fat percentage was the same with and without HCG  More importantly, HCG  has never been noted for candidates who received HCG orally. Dr. Belluscio also claims that HCG  receptors are not present in adipocytes (fat cells), despite the publication of more than two years earlier, which states the opposite.

There are many, many intelligent people, who have been treated previously or are now in the HCG  in combination with a reduced calorie. Where there are huge professional interest and personal enthusiasm, he supports maintaining an open mind. Certainly, HCG has operation that could help with weight loss.He can return the endocrine system to its original state, re-calibrate the axis hypothalamus-pituitary, as stated Dr. Simeons; can assist in the creation of gonadal steroid hormones (estradiol and progesterone in women, testosterone in men); can help in lipolysis, as forecast by Dr. Vogt; can work by raising the number of fat cells and thus reduce metabolic deformation of hypertrophic fat cells. Whatever the mechanism, it remains a proven through science.


Clinical observation is a valuable tool. Regardless, must be careful when advertising and promises, especially when treating conditions that leave many of emotionally vulnerable. Even Dr. Simeonsov protocol is not resisted the attempt to re-findings, as well as investigations in homeopathy. However, with respect to the desire to control the weight, appearance and health, that the passion many people, we can remain open to the potential of HCG to improve subject to conditions, which occur in what Dr. Simeons called abnormal fat. If someone wants to start with the HCG weight loss aid, it must pay only the licensed physiatrist, who accompanied Dr. Simeonsov protocol, until provesome other bether metod.

When we say this, those who have read Pounds & Inches: A New Approach to Obesity, which is available on numerous websites in their entirety, can not agree with this. Dr. Simeonsov text is almost like a medieval alchemist's guide, and his standpoint can be written with several points. Also his firm grip of Chemistry and Psychology HCG -a will look tempting to those who have education in medicine. Some may be looking for some positive comments or any kind of support for the already made decision or choice you are considering.There is sufficient evidence to support the use of HCG for accelerating fat loss or reduction of "abnormal" fat.

Under the supervision of the physiatrist HCG is relatively harmless hormone in the recommended doses. If you support someone's ability to change the habits that are vital for weight loss (reduction in calories, physical activity), then there is value in that. Perhaps it can be observed that HCG has a stimulatory effect on pre-adipocytes, increasing the number of fat cells. This can be positive because it increases the concentration of adipokines / hormone leptin. Leptin has been shown to reduce appetite, speeds up metabolism and promotes weight loss in those who are sensitive to its signal. Many overweight people are in fact resistant to leptin; it would be interesting to see if HCG  increases sensitivity to leptin in obese. That would be a good side HCG  from the standpoint of science.

Simens HCG administration and schedule diet

Simens HCGDr. Simeons demanded that patients spend a certain amount of time as patients, unless they are convinced that they can follow a diet. The first three days on the HCG diet can spend eating as much as possible rich food. Those who have already been on a strict diet when they started this program, they ate as much as the rich food they could within a few days of drug therapy, so that the body is not starving-which helped grease from "abnormal" warehouses to let go.



Tea or coffee in unlimited amounts, no sugar. One teaspoon of milk is allowed within 24 hours. Saccharin and stevia can be used.


1. 100 grams of veal, beef, chicken breast, trails of white fish, lobster, crab or shrimp. All visible fat must be carefully remove before cooking the meat should be measured raw. It must be boiled or grilled without additional fat. Salmon, tuna, eel, herring, dried fish is not allowed. Chicken breast must be removed from the birds.

2. It's allowed only one kind of vegetable, such as: spinach, chard, chicory, lettuce, tomato, celery, dill, onions, radishes, cucumbers, asparagus, cabbage.

3. A toast or breadsticks

4. Apple, orange, or a handful of strawberries or half a grapefruit.


The same four choices as lunch.

Juice of one lemon daily is allowed for all purposes. Salt, pepper, vinegar, mustard, garlic, basil, parsley, marjoram, thyme, etc. Can be used but no oil, butter and coatings.

Tea, coffee, plain water or mineral water are the only creatures that allow, but they can not take in unlimited amounts at any time. The patient should drink about two liters of fluid a day of these. Many patients are afraid to drink so much, because they fear that they would be this make you retain more water. This is the wrong attitude because the body is more prone to storing water when the intake falls below the normal needs.

Fruits and breadsticks can be eaten between meals as a snack rather than eat with lunch or dinner, but I can not eat more than four listed items for lunch or dinner.

HCG Schedule

HCG is injected intramuscularly when following the instructions Simeons. Most current plans recommended subcutaneous injection, making it easier for patients to tolerate. However, Simeons was strongly opposed to subcutaneous injection in one of onoho letters to the editor of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

diet hcg

The use of HCG is based on the basis of what is planned weight who wants to lose. For those who want to weaken 8 pounds, injected 125 IU (at intervals of 24 hours) for a period of 23 days. Those who wish to weaken more than this must be adapted to this. Can lose up to 15 pounds using up to 40 injections, but one day a week (always the same) should be a pause in order to avoid, what Dr. Simeons name, immunity to HCG those who want to weaken more than 15 pounds, must take a break of six weeks before the re-start taking HCG on the same program. Each successive cycle of taking HCG requires longer periods of pause before starts again. The use of higher doses are not recommended by Simeons, and it is believed that in fact does not work well for weight loss.

Women are not recommended to take the HCG in the cycle of menstruation. See also Macrobiotic Diet

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