Restless Leg Syndrome - Symptoms and natural solutions for the problem

restless leg syndrome
You are not imagined, restless leg syndrome actually exists, although it associated with many other diagnoses. Learn why occurs and how to calm the symptoms.

There are people who often suffer from this symptom, but many of us experience it from time to time, only to be identified with other diagnoses or simply nervousness, insomnia, restlessness.

It is a strange feeling in my legs (and sometimes hands), that makes us automatically move the legs or to rub against each other. This may be associated with cramps.

Therefore, the "diseased" restless, usually need sleep and tired during the day. There is also anxiety, irritability and poor concentration.


This problem can affect equally both men and women, and even children, who see it as pain in the legs. There is no accurate way to establish the diagnosis of restless leg syndrome, but usually pay attention to certain symptoms.

                  -  Unbearable need to move the legs, which they describe as the desire for stretching or                           "shaking" legs, massage, exercise "cycling" or as painful.

                  -  Usually occur in periods of sleep (when seated, lying down, watching TV or at bedtime                       or in the middle of a dream, when symptoms are most intense)

                  Relief, in part, occurs when diseased begin to move feet, walk, work or any other                                similar  physical activity

It appears, some experts believe, due to decreasing levels of dopamine in the brain. An iron deficiency or anemia can also be the cause, because the iron is necessary for the formation of dopamine in the brain.

Natural solutions

First you need to check if you lack iron. If the test shows anemia adjust blood test with supplements or food rich with iron (try with this juice - Treat anemia juice of beetroot).

It is important to be physically active and to move enough. Try yoga. Do not hold your legs bent long in one position or stiff. It is desirable to have a rhythm of going to sleep and waking up. This syndrome can occur in pregnancy (because pregnant women  are usually move less, and often have iron deficiency). Therefore, it is important that against restless leg syndrome fight in a natural way.

The hot (with warmer water) shower before bed can help. (Not recommended for pregnant women - for them it is better to take showers  alternately feet with warm and cold water). The legs need a good rub with mesh or sponge, dry towel and "jump" in bed.

Do the strides with bending the knee before going to sleep. You need to do the 30  reps with alternately legs. This exercise is good for beautifully crafted thighs.

Creams based on menthol or eucalyptus (which are used for better circulation or rheumatism) have helped many people. Like tiger balm (Read and Create your own cream painkillers "Tiger Balm"). Good rub the cream into feet and lie down in bed. The relief will be felt almost immediately.

You start drinking and  apple vinegar - 1 tablespoon before bed (if you can handle  the taste). Also a warm bath with epsom salt, apple vinegar and baking soda proved effective at bedtime.

There is another unusual trick that many recommend, and that is to put under the sheet under the feet a natural soap. No one knows why, but many swear it works. Well, supposedly, and cramps in the legs.

However, the most important thing is to move enough. Take a walk every day. Keep busy feet, and then relax them showering, rub or warm bath. See also Marfan syndrome

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