How to do Hamstring exercises

Five best hamstring exercises

Велик број вјежбача на спомен задње ложе, одмах помисли на ножни бицепси и лежећу флексију као скоро једину вјежбу погодну за тај део тијела. Није ни чудо да ти исти имају прилично неразвијену задњу лозу.

However, there is a lot more than one muscle and one mode of stimulation for that muscle parts. Whole hamstring includes three separate muscles: semimembranosus, semitendinosus and biceps femoris. The first two occupy the medial part of the hamstrings and biceps femoris occupies the outer (lateral) part.

The hamstring muscles have two basic functions: flexion (curl) knee and hip extension (backward movement of the upper leg). Therein lies the reason why we see quite rare and fascinating detail developed hamstrings.

In fact, most people do hamstring exercises and stimulates only her half because at best (mostly at the end of training for the legs), just enough to thrown injecting several series of leg flexion. Thus, the muscle is only the first of the two functions described above. At the same time, of course, a good deal of muscle fibers hamstring remains intact.

Follows an indispensable overview of the anatomy


M. biceps femoris, as well as analog upper arm muscle (m. Biceps brachii), has two heads - long and short. Head long and covers the hip and knee and is involved with knee flexion and hip extension. Short turn heads only covers the knee and is included only in flexion of the knee. Both the head of the biceps ankle participate in the performance knees outward (lateral rotation) ..

In addition to these major muscles of the hamstring muscles there are several that in these movements work synergistically with them. So flexion knee participate m. sartorius, m. gracilis and m. gastrocnemius. For hip extension glutes and help m. erector spinae.

Now that we have an insight into the anatomy of the muscles that make up the hamstrings, we can cite the most effective hamstring exercises .
  • The leg flexion

hamstring exercises

As already stated, this is an hamstrings exercise that is commonly performed, and often the only one for that muscle group.

There are several variants of foot fold: lying, sitting, standing and kneeling.

If we wish to include as many motor units, the advice is to use several machines in the same training. For example, a good idea is three postions. lying, sitting and standing flexion. Can be used several identical machines from different manufacturers because there are always differences in the power curve so that it is in fact different machines.

Another important information is that the fibers which  are involved in this movement are mostly fast teared  for their hypertrophy corresponds to a smaller number of repetitions with a larger load.

Another way in which we can include more motor units that in each series change the position of the foot (to the outside, the inside or neutral).

As far as the angle between the foot and lower leg, gastrocnemius (quadriceps involved with flexion of the knee) is more effective when the foot in dorsiflexion (the angle between the foot and lower leg is less than 90 °) ..

Some will feel a cramp during the execution of the leg flexion. Cramp comes from the gastrocnemius, and it can be avoided that the concentric (active) part of the movement put your foot in dorsiflexion position, and eccentric (negative) phase of the movement put the foot in position of plantar flexion (fingers away from the thigh).
  • Stiff leg deadlift 
stiff leg deadlift

How to properly perform the stiff leg deadlift  exercise?

This is designed for hamstring exercises, glutes and lower back briefly, the whole rear chain. The exercise will begin with the raising weight from the ground, with setting foot in width shoulders, grab the bar at shoulder width, and with straight legs and spine lift the weight.

From the  kower position lift the weight, pushing your hips forward and at the same time strongly tightening the glutes (buttocks).Want to boost work hamstrings exercises, try to go back with hips, as far as you can. Remember, the more muscle was stretched before contraction, it will be harder later contracted. To focuse work on your mor leg biceps (hamstring), exercise can be performed with a raised front part of the foot, so you need to put them  on the 20 kg weight. And stiff leg deadlift is my favorite execise.
  • Good mornings

stiff leg deadlift

Start is the same as the back squat, therefore rod leaning on the upper trapezius. The hands unlike squat set widely on the mounting rod. The knees are slightly bent (about 25 °).

From that point on, with the straight spin, down the upper part of the body as low as possible (bend). Then, while maintaining a constant angle at the knees, the contraction of the gluteus, hamstrings and lower back correcting body to the starting position.
  • The reverse hyperextension

hamstring exercises

In normal hyperextension, lower body is fixed, and we crease at the waist and pushing the upper part of the body. Here is the other way around: hull lying prone on an elevated flat bench and legs freely hanging from the edge of the bench so that the hull form a right angle. Then activation of the hamstrings and gluteus raise legs until aligned with the rest of the body.
  • Glute-ham raise

hamstring exercises

This exercise is performed on a special bench. However, if you do not have in your fitness bench for glute-ham raise, can be performed in a different way. Kneel on the floor and your feet fix pushing them under something or ask someone to hold our feet to avoid separating from the floor.

The upper body is upright and the arms are by the side.We descend torso toward the floor as slowly as possible in the contraction of the hamstring muscles resisting the force of gravity pulling us face down. If we can raise the strength of the hamstrings in the starting position, we can do it, and if not, we can help so shoved by the hands.
This was most important hamstring exercises  and if you keep perform them, you will see results very fast. See also hanging leg raises